16 Feb 2012

Internet Usage Statistics

Internet Usage Statistics in December 2012 - most popular websites in Australia....

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12 Dec 2011

Creating an online offer that converts in seconds

In this article we lead you through the process of creating and delivering a great offer on your website, with the goal of converting new leads and building your email database. The most important rule to follow is to keep it simple. Make the offer easy to understand, free of conditions and generous (ideally free!). Securing an email address and permission for future contact should always be the basis of any website offer....

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11 Aug 2011

How to test a new business idea for free (and fast!)

For many entrepreneurs uncovering a new product, business model or innovation is one of the most exciting things about being in business. This excitement often leads to the over-commitment of resources, time and money on untested ideas. With the Internet, market research no longer needs to be expensive. The search engines are an incredible tool to help us identify trends, interests and profile new business ideas with ease....

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26 Jul 2011

Why a website is often a waste of money

The reality is that the vast majority of small business websites do not see significant lead generation from the search engines. As the search engines shift to listing only websites with unique and popular content, most small business websites miss out on first page rankings, except in highly niche, local or business name searches....

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31 May 2011

Tips from Google on What Counts as a High Quality Website

Google recently announced the new Panda update to Google search, which tackles the task of more rigorously assessing website quality. This has caused many sites with low quality content dramatically dropping in their search results. This is a plus for websites with high quality, remarkable and original content....

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07 Feb 2011

Using Google Places to rank high in local search

The use of search to source local services has exploded in recent times, in part driven by the new features of search engines to easily locate local businesses. Google Places provides the easiest and quickest way to be listed near the top of a Google search for location specific keywords. As such, it is important to take advantage of your free business listing in Google Places....

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