Purchase, setup, management, website forwarding and email forwarding for your domain name
(.com, .com.au, .net, .net.au)

If forwarding is not required, a basic page is provided containing your logo and contact details. Email may be forwarded from the domain to any email address you specify.


What's included?

This is a lot more than a domain name purchase. We redirect your new domain to a new account setup on our servers, such that visitor statistics to this domain may be recorded. Web requests are automatically redirected to your main website or a web-page of your choice (such as a special product offering page). Emails to this domain may also be setup to redirect to matching addresses on your main website. Your new domain is hosted on our fast Australia servers, the same as your website. We manage all DNS support requests on your behalf with your IT support company.

What are the benefits?

It is prudent to protect your online domain name to prevent competitors and others trading on your business name. A shorter domain name is also useful for radio, print and TV advertisements, where the viewer often has little time to remember a longer domain name. Separate domains can also be used to track the performance of offline marketing campaigns, e.g. if the second domain was used in a radio campaign, the number of visits to this domain can be recorded, giving an indication of the number of enquiries generated from the radio campaign.

To find out more about our Domain Management services, please contact us.