23 May 2013

Social Media: Using Pinterest for Business

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has dramatically grown in its popularity with currently more than 48 million users worldwide. Its membership has also been steadily increasing in Australia with an estimated 450,000 members as of March 2012 (Nielsen, March 2012). Pinterest is an online pinup board, where users can organise their inspirations, interests and ideas on virtual pinboards, typically around niches like fashion, food, sports, travel, events and many more. In this article, we discuss how you can use Pinterest as part of your social media marketing....

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17 Apr 2013

Should you develop a Mobile App for your business?

Yahoo recently purchased Internet App “Summly” from 17-year-old London school boy Nick D’Aloisio for $30 million. This news has generated renewed excitement around smart phone apps and the opportunities they present for business. The Summly app provides summaries of news items neatly on a smart phone screen. Although selling an app to Yahoo may not be in your business plan, an app could be an effective way to connect to and support your customers. Let’s take a look at how it works....

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26 Mar 2013

The SoLoMo Revolution and what it means for your business

SoLoMo - short for Social, Local, Mobile - is the combination of social media, local search and mobile communication that is currently revolutionising the way businesses market and interact with their customers. Think of a Gen-Y using their mobile to check in on Facebook....

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12 Feb 2013

7 Steps to Successful Website Marketing in 2013

2012 was a year of many developments for SEO and website marketing. From the Penguin and Panda Google updates to the rise of data visualisation and social media, 2012 was truly a challenging time for SEO. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for those who may have fallen short in their website marketing efforts last year. The new year is the perfect opportunity to position your business online, particularly in the areas of social media, mobile and local search. In this article we provide 7 steps that will help you get on the right track to successful website marketing in 2013!...

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26 Dec 2012

Target your most recent website visitors with Google Remarketing

If you have ever had the eerie feeling that an advert is following you around the web, you are likely a victim of Google remarketing! Marketeers often say that 7 to 12 interactions or touches are needed to convert a new customer. With this in mind, Google are now offering a remarketing advertising service, which really is a revolution in how businesses of any size can advertise online....

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21 Nov 2012

Learn Online Marketing from President Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the most successful new marketer in history. A twitter post by President Barack Obama announcing his recent victory, with the words four more years and an image of him hugging his wife Michelle, was the most shared twitter post of all time. This was the final example of what has been the total domination of the online space by the Obama campaign, with many lessons and examples of best practice that we can apply to our own online marketing....

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