22 Oct 2013

Social Media Update: Linkedin Endorsements

Linkedin endorsements are quickly becoming a widely used feature in the Linkedin network. In fact, since its launch in the closing quarter of 2012, Linkedin users have made more than 550 million endorsements! LinkedIn endorsements are a fast and easy way for people to endorse your skills and expertise with a single click, without having to write a full recommendation. In this article, we discuss how you and your business can benefit from this popular feature....

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27 Aug 2013

How colour selection can improve your marketing results

Choosing colours for your logo, website and advertising campaigns may seem simple enough. For experienced designers, colour selection may even seem like second nature. However, colour selection is more than picking out a favourite colour and using it in a layout. Some businesses go to great lengths to pick the right colour. Google once tested 41 shades of blue for the background colour of their toolbar to determine which shade creates the greatest user interaction....

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25 Jul 2013

Gamification: using game design to engage your customers online

Have you ever collected frequent flyer miles or joined a credit card rewards program? Or perhaps played an online game like Farmville, where your progress is shown to your friends on your facebook news feed? If you answered yes, then you have experienced gamification in action....

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11 Jun 2013

Beat Google with your new USP (Unique Social Purpose)

With the constant changes in search, the time and risk involved in achieving search engine rankings is hard to justify. If you are chasing Google with a cutting edge SEO strategy, you are aiming at a fast moving target. However, there is a better way. Forget about chasing after Google and build an online community and social asset around your business. We call this the new USP - Unique Social Purpose....

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23 May 2013

Social Media: Using Pinterest for Business

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has dramatically grown in its popularity with currently more than 48 million users worldwide. Its membership has also been steadily increasing in Australia with an estimated 450,000 members as of March 2012 (Nielsen, March 2012). Pinterest is an online pinup board, where users can organise their inspirations, interests and ideas on virtual pinboards, typically around niches like fashion, food, sports, travel, events and many more. In this article, we discuss how you can use Pinterest as part of your social media marketing....

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17 Apr 2013

Should you develop a Mobile App for your business?

Yahoo recently purchased Internet App “Summly” from 17-year-old London school boy Nick D’Aloisio for $30 million. This news has generated renewed excitement around smart phone apps and the opportunities they present for business. The Summly app provides summaries of news items neatly on a smart phone screen. Although selling an app to Yahoo may not be in your business plan, an app could be an effective way to connect to and support your customers. Let’s take a look at how it works....

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