03 Dec 2010

Article writing for search engine rankings

There are many ways to improve your websites search engine rankings, but one of the most effective is through writing and syndicating articles on content relevant to your business. By providing your articles for free to other websites, you can obtain links to your website, resulting in greater traffic and higher search engine rankings. In this article we address how to write a great article and syndication of these articles....

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21 Nov 2010

Selling online - the old rules of marketing still apply

For many established bricks and mortar businesses, building a complementary online presence is now an urgent task. In many industries, businesses are already well established online and aggressively pursuing domination of their respective niche. How is an online business different from a traditional bricks and mortar store?...

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21 Oct 2010

LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn is a social networking site for business, enabling professionals and business owners to connect with colleagues and partners across the globe. It is also a powerful business reputation tool. As of August 2010, LinkedIn claims to have the worlds largest professional network with over 75 million members. LinkedIn is a powerful social media website for business with wide adoption across Australia....

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13 Sep 2010

Facebook for Business

Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin are fast becoming powerful tools for business to showcase their brands and interact with new and existing customers. Among todays popular social networking sites, Facebook remains the leading tool for social media interaction. According to Nielsen (2010), 75% of Australian users have visited Facebook and about 59% have their very own Facebook profiles....

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26 Aug 2010

Managing your online business reputation

Just like in the real world, it is important to monitor and protect your online business reputation. This need is well illustrated by an example. A new client presented to us when faced with a negative online news article, written by a local journalist. This article had appeared in the local paper, and had also been listed on the local news website....

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21 Jul 2010

Creating great online content for your website

To appear in that search engine results for your product and service keywords, great content on your website is essential. How it works: The search engines rank website content according to Relevance and Popularity. Great content on your website, content that others link to, is essential to your rankings!...

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