13 May 2015

The revolution of crowdfunding in Australia

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have received massive attention in recent years, enabling a large number of people to make a small investment in a project or cause, typically in exchange for rewards. The reward is often early access to the future product or service....

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24 Feb 2015

Easy ways to create content worth sharing

Brainstorming on writing articles for newsletters, blogs and websites can at times be difficult. Here are some easy ways to create content for your business or social purpose....

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16 Sep 2014

HTTPS security is now an SEO ranking signal

Just a few weeks ago Google announced that they are now using HTTPS encryption as a search engine ranking signal. When you visit a website, you can tell if it uses security encryption if the web address begins with https:// rather than http://. The web browser may also show the padlock icon. In an effort to make the Internet more secure, Google is encouraging all websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS is also often referred to as SSL or TSP. In this short article, we explain more about this change....

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15 Aug 2014

The Declining Profitability of Adwords

Adwords, the search advertising program behind Google’s huge financial success, is now less effective for advertisers, as online markets become saturated with competitors. Particularly in trades and online retail, there are a huge number of businesses competing, raising the cost per click (CPC) on adverts to unprofitable levels. Larger businesses now also seem prepared to pay a very high customer acquisition cost (CAC), by taking into account the life time value (LTV) of the client, rather than the cost of the individual sale. With this approach, many small operators are being forced out of the Adwords market. Given the increasing cost of online advertising, what can be done?...

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15 Jul 2014

Why outsourcing chat support on your website is a bad idea

There are now several online services available to small business to install live chat directly on your website. So when a user visits your website, your staff can directly answer questions online. In principle, this sounds like a great idea, as the user can quickly connect with someone 24/7. In fact, live chat can increase your enquiry rates if done properly. However, in most cases, small businesses are outsourcing chat support to a third-party that has no knowledge of actual business, products or services. In this article, we explain how to use live chat effectively to improve enquiries from your website....

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18 Jun 2014

Release of new domain name extensions

Since January 2014, ICAAN has been in the process of releasing new domain extensions. Over 250 new extensions have already been delegated, with potentially thousands more in the coming years. Prior to the release, we were limited to the common extensions at the end of a web address, like .com, .org and .net. It is important to secure your branding domain extensions, such that competitors are not able to use these domains in the same or other markets from your own....

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